Rolf Mohr | Art Director, Screenwriter

Veteran art director and concept artist in video games, film and toy development, with a Bachelors degree in Architecture and Environmental Design from the University of Nottingham, UK. Visual effects supervisor on "Tracker" and worked on numerous high profile titles for Dreamworks, Disney, Insomniac, Sony and Hasbro including: Halo 4; Cowboys & Aliens; Disney's Epic Mickey; Resistance: Fall of Man; Ratchet & Clank; The Lost World: Trespasser; Superman Lives; Helen of Troy Exo; Beast Machines: Transformers; Star Wars: Jedi Academy; Tachyon: The Fringe and The Mutant Chronicles. Currently developing sci-fi film script co-written with writer-director Trevor Sands. Rolf teaches part time at the Gemini School of Visual Arts.

Wayne Kennedy | Director, VFX Supervisor

Having worked as a digital artist for over a decade, Wayne Kennedy has an impressive list of credits. He has worked at leading Hollywood effects houses including ILM, Sony Imageworks and Digital Domain where he is digital model supervisor having worked on blockbuster movies such as: Enders' Game; Transformers: Dark of the Moon; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; Tron Legacy; Real Steel; I, Robot; Hollow Man; Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace; The Mummy; Spawn; Men in Black; Dragonheart. Wayne has recently directed his first action thriller, Fist of The Warrior- distributed by Lions Gate.


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Rodney Brunet | VFX Supervisor

Rodney is an extremely experienced vfx supe having spent years as one of the key effects leads at Robert Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios. His long list of credits credits include: Machete; Predators; Shorts; Planet Terror; Grindhouse; Idiocracy; The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D; Sin City; Once Upon a Time in Mexico; Spy Kids 33-D: Game Over; Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams, and the classic video game WIng Commander..



Dean Fowler | Animation Director

Animation director, generalist, Autodesk trainer, compositing, rendering, 3d animation for Autodesk, Microsoft, Marvel, and created the cg rendered graphic novel Machine Phase: Booby Trap (Ballistic Publishing) Dean's has done animation rendering, title sequences and marketing work for the feature films Tracker and Making Waves, and video games Marvel Ultimate Alliance; X-Men III; Making Waves; Halo Wars; Tachyon: The Fringe and Delta Force: Land Warrior.

Kurt Lawson | VFX Director, Cinematographer

Kurt has 14 years experience in the field, specializing in cinematography, 3D rendering, compositing, rotoscoping, match move and motion graphics, His company is expert at meeting tight deadlines and is capable of quickly scaling to handle most any size film, broadcast or industrial project working with a spectacularly gifted talent base. Kurt has worked on numerous commercials and marketing projects, and recently completed principle photography on his independent short film "Two Bucks".

Michael Pedro | Concept Artist

Michael Pedro is an exceptionally talented concept artist, illustrator and 3d modeler. He studied computer animation at the Ringling College of Art and Design, and has been a key artist on video game titles Halo 4; DC Universe Online, Superman Returns, NASCAR 2008, F.E.A.R: Extraction Point. He has provided illustrations for the Soul Calibur III CCG and the World of Warcraft TCG, and has been published in EXOTIQUE 6, SPECTRUM 17, EXPOSE 9, and ART OF THE DRAGON: The Definitive Collection of Contemporary Dragon Paintings.



AJ Trahan | Concept Artist

AJ is an incredibly talented newcomer to the industry, another young prodigy from the Gemini School of Visual Arts. AJ currently works as a Concept Artist for the legendary Kojima Productions in Los Angeles. He previously worked on Halo 4 and was concept artist on Disney's Epic Mickey. He is also affiliated with Steambot Studios and has done freelance work on numerous video game and film-related projects.


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Dark Hoffman | Digital Matte Painter, Concept Artist

Dark Hoffman began in the film industry creating physical special effects and miniatures, and then worked on the hit show Babylon 5 for 5 years. He designed props on the computer using Photoshop, Painter and Lightwave. He then ventured into matte painting and concept art, starting at Digital Domain and working for various leading visual effects companies.. He has also taught digital matte painting at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. His extensive credits include: Green Lantern; Robin Hood; Prince of Persia; The Wolf Man; 2012; GI Joe: Rise of Cobra; The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor; Curious Case of Benjamin Button; The Golden Compass; Shooter; Alien vs Predator 2; 300; Fantastic Four 2; The Invasion; X Men 3; Chronicles of Narnia; Minotaur; Idiocracy; The Chronicles of Riddick; Spiderman 2 and Resistance 3.


Ricardo Fearon | 2D VFX Supervisor

Ricardo Ruiz-Fearon is a skilled compositor, rotoscope and match move artist, currently working in London. His credits thus far include Born of Hope, and more recently Tracker for Rolf Mohr Studios, on which he was 2d visual effects where he was in charge of the majority of all shots including digital mattes, match moves, rotoscoping, wire removal and grading.


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Wes Louie | Concept Artist

Wes' saught-after talents have been applied to commercials, marketing and feature film development. He has worked on concept art and movie posters for Hollywood blockbusters such as Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows; Man of Steel; Thor; Steven King's The Dark Tower; Sucker Punch; Iron Man; Aliens in the Attic; Buck Rogers; King Lear; Captivity and games: Halo 3:ODST; SIM City Creator; Resistance:Fall of Man; Epic Mickey; Ratchet and Clank series; Lost Planet 2; Empire Earth 3; X-Men:The Official Game; Dead Head Fred; Mythos; The Flash; Demonborn; and Calling all Cars!


Kinman Chan | Concept Artist

Kinman is a remarkably gifted concept artist, having worked for leading companies Lucasfilm Ltd, Imagemovers Digital and Insomniac Games. His credits include Mars Needs Moms; A Christmas Carol; The Fox and the Hound 2; Curious George; and Resistance: Fall of Man


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Justin Durban | Composer, Audio Director

Justin R. Durban majored in Graphic Design and Art studio with a Theatre minor at the University of Kentucky. He has composed music for his own movie projects and gained recognition via his production company “Edgen” films. His credits for feature films include: Green Lantern: First Flight (Six Flags); Bloodline; Book Of Babylon; Star Wars: Threads Of Destiny; Karma; Dabbe 2; The Fiction; Star Trek – Of Gods and Men; Blackout; Semum; Inalienable; Redemption; Beauty and the Beast – ALDT; Smuggler’s Ransom; Phoenix Agenda; GPS The Movie. Audio production for video games: Novus Prime; Timez Attacks!; Nimian Hunter; The Divine; Two Kingdoms; Star Siege: 2845; Tropico 2; Sleepless Knight