"H" Untitled Sci-Fi Short

Short film underway.


Short film by Tyson Wade Johnston, a talented young director who attracted attention in Hollywood for his debut short "Exist": Precog did concept art, matte paintings, 3d modeling, animation and rendering.


LUNAR (2013) Short Film



LUNAR Making Of


LUNAR Behind the scenes




In development : "EXOS" An original screenplay written by Trevor Sands and Rolf Mohr.



Short film directed by Tyson Wade Johnston. Precog did concept art, matte paintings, 3d modeling and rendering, planet model and renders.

SEED (2012) Short Film


"TRACKER" (2011)

Starring Ray Winstone and Temuera Morrison

Digital Matte Painter - Dark Hoffman

Visual Effects Supervisor - Rolf Mohr

Animation Director - Dean Fowler

2D Effects Supervisor - Ricardo Ruiz-Fearon

Compositor - Anastasios Agiakatsikas

Match Move - Kurt Lawson